Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin's Speech

Here it is, Uncut and Entire CSPAN footage, for any of those who missed it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Raisin' McCain

I am literally watching this from the convention on CSPAN as I type.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cancel the Convention?

There has a lot of talk that due to Hurricane Gustav the Republicans should cancel their convention. In my opinion that would not make sense. A sampling of the reasons would be "we should be evacuating people" and "they will appear unsympathetic." Now honestly, convention or no convention, FEMA and Bush are going to see this as an opportunity to redeem themselves from Katrina. McCain and Palin are currently on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and are a short flight away as soon as the convention is over. The evacuations are already in progress, and convention or no convention will continue. The evacuations started during the DNC, but it was difficult to find that covered in the mainstream media, so why so much pressure now? I think it is the media trying to fabricate a bump for Obama. The media is making it sound like when the republicans hypothetically cancel their convention the delegates are all personally going to rush to the disaster area and do somthing actively helpful. Talking heads and windbags won't get anything useful done, that will be the National Guard and private charities. Hopefully this time people don't try and wait for their welfare checks instead of evacuating.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin and McCain guarantee historic election.

I like Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for VP. She balances McCain perfectly in my opinion. In McCain we have a tough experienced statesman who is great on foreign policy. From a conservative credential standpoint McCain is much softer on social issues than Gov. Palin. What really pleases me is that Palin will snare in some disenfranchised Hillary supporters, endear the campaign to the true conservatives, and balance the age discrepancy all in one big swoop. Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin creates some interesting contrasts. one has a young presidential candidate with very little experience, weak on foriegn policy, and (strangely) beloved by the people of his home state. Not everyone here in Illinois likes Obama, but the amount of people who do is not only sickening, but also disheartening. The other campaign has a veteran senator in the top slot, his specialty is foreign policy, and he is the truest center-right candidate in years. The GOP VP spot is a young governor who is beloved in her home state (80% approval ratings, thats like 8 times that of congress.) She has a solid economic position, is socially conservative, and her weakest point is foriegn policy. The Democrats are running a long-time Washington hack who supposedly is brilliant on foriegn policy, and is the third most liberal person in the senate. I really hope to see Gov. Palin bring more college votes to the McCain campaign. Overall I think she will be a brilliant pick. As my history prof pointed out today, no matter who wins this is a historic election simply due to the fact that no woman or African-American (or whatever the PC term of the week is) has ever been the president or vice-president. Another bit of trivia, this will only be the third time in US history a man (I can say man because no woman has been elected president) has gone straight from the senate to the presidency. The two who did were Kennedy and Harding. Ironically, both died in office.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great Prof Quote #1

"Heres a nasty old secret, when people accumulate stuff, other people want to take their stuff"

So he was describing the reasons cities built walls, but it made me think about how the T&S crowd penalize success by taking the hard-earned rewards of those who work and save to accumulate wealth by taking and giving to those who don't deserve.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Liberal Tactic: The Cover-Up

Anyone who hasn't already, go on over to National Review Online and read Todd Gallagher's column. I'll even give you a link if you feel to lazy to go up to the bar and type the site in. Gallagher proves quite concisely that women are inferior to men. In sports at least. I am going to avoid the touchy issue of Title IX for now, and instead hit on this point: Nobody is allowed to say it. This is still America, and the liberals haven't completely trampled the constitution yet, so I want say that viewpoints like this:

"For example, in October 2007, Eileen McDonagh of Northeastern University and Laura Pappano of Wellesley College published Playing with the Boys: Why Separate Is Not Equal in Sports. “The premise of this book, and our work,” McDonagh says, “is that sex segregation does not reflect sex differences between men and women, rather it constructs them.”

I laid out the results of my research for Pappano and asked why male athletes outpace female athletes starting at 14 and 15. She answered: “Women are told around that time that they are athletically inferior to men and that they should start acting like ladies. That’s why we see the boys making such stunning gains at that age and the girls begin to suffer.”

should be heard, so that they can be shut down by the much simpler and more logical explanation:

While no one can deny that societal factors play some role, the research makes it pretty clear that there was a simpler explanation for the gap: puberty. The Centers for Disease Control publishes growth charts for the U.S. population which reveal that boys hit their major growth spurt between the ages of 14 and 15 — precisely when the best boy athletes begin to outperform the top adult female athletes.

To make the issue worse, Gallagher goes on to suggest this is not being debated because one side does not want the issue to come to light. He quotes a woman who suggests the issue is not being discussed because the feminists are so entrenched in the idea that men and women are not physically different that they ignore and go so far as to hide evidence to the contrary. Gallagher also uses three case studies which shows people on left side of this issue just will not listen to a differing opinion.

Now, to those who aren't feminists, this isn't just a feminist tactic. This tactic is used heavily by all segments of the left. They use it to cover up the (significant) evidence against global warming, they use it to cover up the fact that a divine creator is quite possible, and they use it to cover up the fact that babies are people too.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So, where do I fit?

As election season rumbles on I keep hearing about x, y, and z voting blocks. When will it end? there are subgroups for everything, and most people fit into a multitude of them, sometimes into groups with traditionally conflicting interests

These are the ones i consider myself a member of off the top of my head, and i am sure there are more:

evangelical Christian
values voter
small town

I'll probably edit this list as I think of more that fit.